WPC: Selfie

Selfie, Picasso-style

Selfie, Picasso-style

Self Portrait (a re-post)

They say

We know
who we are
in adulthood -

not brother
not mother  -

A prosaic mosaic,
fragments of a self

But don’t ask me
to complete the picture -

Time has lost
more than a few pieces.


For other selfies, see The Daily Post.

Five favourites from this week:

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43 thoughts on “WPC: Selfie

  1. TIme has lost but also gained methinks, loving your selfie. I just noticed your update bb, as I was about to switch off, (’tis snowing herabouts and I was venturing out into the cold and wet!!) so I shall wait a bit longer :-) … xPenx

    • Hi Pen, :-D


      I can’t imagine it being cold and wet! It’s nearly 11:00pm here, as still as a mummy, and around 27 Celsius! I’m contemplating a cold shower before bed.

      Enjoy the cold and wet


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    • Thanks, Nancy. How does one answer the question: Who are you? There are too many answers. When I think about it, I don’t really like to think about it, if you know what I mean?

  3. I love this ‘selfie’ – not that I’m a big fan of taking them of myself (note I didn’t enter this challenge) ;)

    There are some pieces of me that are missing, but others that have grown (not my boobs unfortunately ;) )

    My hubby was asking me why I kept turning my head sideways to look at your post and I said it’s because I was looking at your eye. What a great mosaic of yourself :D

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