Beyond belief

You believe in God: I don’t.
You believe the world will end; it won’t.
You think natural disasters a biblical sign
of prophecies realised; it’s all in your mind
Armageddon is imminent! Just another illusion
of humankind’s profligate self-delusion
All this stuff leaves me mourning inside
for a mother lost, and a brain unwired.

And here we still are some decades on
the world’s still here, the sun’s still warm
we’ve agreed to disagree, (well, not you, but me)
on matters of religion and philosophy
as the years flew past my realisation grew
your heart is gold and like the adult me, you
just needed to find deeper meaning to life
than the earthly tedium of being mother and wife
so what does it matter to whom you  pray
as long as it helps you survive the day.

24 thoughts on “Beyond belief

  1. I get the point and I perfectly understand where you’re coming from…A lot of people just get spoon fed without stopping to think if the can actually manufacture their own food and share. Nice one!

    P.s expect some controversy if a different mind reads this…#justsaying


    • Yes, what could have been… Thanks for your comments Morganna – I’ll be taking some time out this weekend to read more of your blog which looks very interesting.


  2. Excellent poem. The final sentences really make the point – “so what does it matter to whom you pray as long as it helps you survive the day.” – I wish many people who do claim to be religious would accept this as being the case xx

  3. Does anyone actually know what is real except the dirt under our feet, the air that we breathe, and the things that are tangible. But I have to wonder myself what are the things that I really don’t know. At the end of the day I am thankful for what is here and for the help that I have received that got me through that day.
    Your perspective made me think of these thoughts and this conclusion. Clever as always Bluebee

    • Isn’t it interesting, that sometimes, when we are in the depths of despair, the slightest glimmer of hope (or magical thinking!) or the smallest of gestures can get us to the other side – we’re an odd lot, us humans, but endlessly fascinating. Thanks for your comments and stopping by 2zpoint – bb 🙂

  4. Hi Bluebee,

    Thanks for reading & commenting on my page. It means a lot to me to get encouraging words from another poet.

    So I was curious to see your work, and have enjoyed browsing your page.

    In this poem, I like the development toward understanding of the other, even in the face of continued difference. The line, “We’ve agreed to disagree, (well, not you, but me)”, represents a place I feel I’ve gotten in so many conversations.

    So much about the way people think and operate is just not easily subject to persuasion, even if you move away from what you might think of as matters of faith, religion, or philosophy.

    • Hi Elaine

      Thanks very much for your considered comments. It’s always interesting to see what strikes a chord. Your thoughts on persuasion really resonate. I find the rational debates on these subjects endlessly interesting. Hope you don’t mind me adding you to my poetry blogroll.


  5. As usual, your poetry says much and intimates even more. I find it a fascinating and wonderful combination of intellect and deep emotion. Good work, Bluebee.

  6. I see you didn’t get your contraversial debate. lol
    It’s a very wise poem.
    I like how it starts quite heated and turns into this very simple but true point.
    Live and let live.
    Great job

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