The Tea Party

They bring cakes, smiling,

but there it is,

transparent in those quick glances

Like shots fired into the back of a retreating enemy

they reveal

what lies beneath –

a green glow in their empty hearts

a silent war

in this festering landscape that is suburbia

9 thoughts on “The Tea Party

    • Hi Gabrielle – thanks for stopping by. I must confess, I hadn’t thought of the political level, but that’s what makes reading and writing poetry so enjoyable, doesn’t it? That each of us will interpret a piece slightly differently and take our own meaning from it. And the feedback from others gives us a different perspective on our own writing, so thanks very much for your comments!

      • Haha – the Tea Party movement are in the news so much (even in Australia) so I mmediately jumped to that conclusion. I love when a poem can have 2 entirely different meanings and the meaning hangs together for the whole poem – it’s happened to me accidently a few times. What part of the world are you from?

  1. A beautifully-written testament to the need to divest oneself of non-friends. (Shall we throw them overboard?)
    P.S. Do you get new comments on older posts, and how did the exam go?

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