Diurnal Variation II

In sleep, unguarded,

the soul dives

into the dark pool,

bottom-feeds on nightmares,

does not surface

in time

for daybreak



15 thoughts on “Diurnal Variation II

  1. I really like this poem….it captures our terrors of dreams, nightmares and the night.

    “Bottom feeds on nightmares”.


    Lady Nyo

  2. This poem really seems to make me feel like the depth of the sleep is so deep that the nightmares can not be escaped by simply waking up. Excellent description. I hope only that when you sleep tonight you sleep in a field of butterflies that you can see fling through the peaceful tranquility of a sunny warm dream.
    (of coarse if the butterflies eat you its not my fault!)just kidding.

  3. A wonderful poem – I especially love the words “the soul dives into the dark pool” – a perfect description of approaching nightmares! Look forward to reading more of your writing soon my friend! xx

    • Hi Monica

      Thanks for this. I can see why you would disagree with the concept of the guarding of the soul in the daytime and be interested in your further comments on this. I guess this poem is more about consciousness, nightmares and a form of depression known as Diurnal Variation. I probably (subconsciously!) equate the soul with consciousness (I know that not everyone will agree) and feel that when we sleep, we have no control over our consciousness when it heads off into dream (or nightmare) land (itherwise, believe me, my dreams would be a lot better! :-D).

      With Diurnal Variation, typically one wakes with terrible feelings of gloom which improve during the day, so for me, it’s as if consciousness is still partly absent in those waking hours and the nightmares still partly present, spilling over into the day. Also, even in the absence of Diurnal Variation, I think that any dreams or nightmares from our sleeping hours can have an effect on our thoughts for a time after we have woken.

      Futher disagreements most welcome! 🙂


  4. This is quite fascinating, and I’m still absorbing it. In this light, of course, the poem is even more of a stunner. From what I know of your poems, you do not seem like a gloomy person, but an intense one. I like that! Perhaps the lack of control, the gloom, the dark dreams contribute to your talent. Of course they do! Good wishes, Monica

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