Two friends, two lives

one, a garden variety drama,

the other,

a monstrous horror movie


unfolding slowly

picking off  joys one by one

like psychopathic forces of nature

stripping away

what should have been

for one so precious:

limbs like the wind, a planet-sized brain

that crazy infectious laughter


by the madness of grief and disbelief

I could no longer watch,

even through my fingers


14 thoughts on “Unspeakable

  1. There seems to always be someone out there willing to ruin good things and it happens on many scales, levels, and degrees. And my reaction varies accordingly; from a sigh to a vengeful coldness that can strike fear and terror into a monsters heart.
    very emotional subject and an excellent blend of two characters that stir the imagination.

    • Hi Monica – thanks, for this comment. It’s always interesting to see whether a certain image that pops into our heads resonates with readers in the same way and it’s nice to see that this one did with you and Gabrielle Bryden :-).

  2. I’ve spent quite a bit of time on your blog this morning. Very strong poetry and I must congratulate you for addressing some serious issues with brutal honesty.
    There’s not a superfluous word in your writing.

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