The smell of sawdust

takes me to a time

you’d send me to pick leaves for the silkworms

after your tools turned on you

(usually the ratchet screwdriver)

my young ears safe at the mulberry tree,

brother’s mosquito gang

wheelieing up the laneway

for a smoke and 50cc tune-up

with their favourite neighbourhood oldie,

night-scented gardenia

mixed with varnish,

crickets and

Erroll Garner

illuminating the nightwaves

11 thoughts on “Dad III

  1. I used to collect army worms. They were little worms off of the trees…I’d set them up in rows like army men and watch them crawl to battle. Dad used to get a kick out of that.
    I am sorry that you are sad but the memories are precious. I create memories like this for my kids now for the same reasons because I still enjoy thinking about them. I say this to myself… if I leave them with nothing else I’ll at least leave them with a smile when I’m gone.It’s also the main reason I write on this blog so that if something ever happen to me my children’s children will have something directly from me. And Yours with have these words from you. 🙂 Peace be with your heart Bluebee.

    • Boys will be boys – always engaged in some sort of combat 🙂 Yes, being able to make your children laugh and leaving them happy memories is a precious gift for them. Thanks, 2zpoint.

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