14 thoughts on “Suburban summer

    • We have had a fair bit of that rumbling down here the last day or two – the storms have been quite spectacular 🙂 And the cicadas have been going crazy which reminded me of your poem ‘Song of the Cicada’ with its perfect description of the sounds they make.

  1. Brings to mind a moment I lived this past summer in the dramatic beauty of nature amidst suburban social pleasantries.
    And now we’re on the cusp of snow here…
    I enjoy your poems- refreshing.

    • Thanks, Zoë. I would like to experience at least one season in snow – my sister-in-law sends us the most spectacular photos of Sweden in winter. It’s a whole different world.

  2. Summer time in Foyil, Ok is about these things:
    Light from the bug zapper
    Its not the heat its the humidity!
    Damn it Ray you’re gonna burn my field up trying to burn out that stump!
    Lets see…If I drink at least two more beers those mosquito’s might not bite me any more…or is it that I just won’t care.
    WEEEEWHOOO Hillbillies comin’ of th’ hill TA night!
    Well we ain’t much on toast but we do tap bottles!

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