Suburban summer

electric light show

rumbling closer,

scented star jasmine

mingling fragrance of rain,

thrum of cicadas

blending languid laughter,

glasses at the hills hoist

toasting vintage summer


14 thoughts on “Suburban summer

    • We have had a fair bit of that rumbling down here the last day or two – the storms have been quite spectacular 🙂 And the cicadas have been going crazy which reminded me of your poem ‘Song of the Cicada’ with its perfect description of the sounds they make.

  1. Brings to mind a moment I lived this past summer in the dramatic beauty of nature amidst suburban social pleasantries.
    And now we’re on the cusp of snow here…
    I enjoy your poems- refreshing.

    • Thanks, Zoë. I would like to experience at least one season in snow – my sister-in-law sends us the most spectacular photos of Sweden in winter. It’s a whole different world.

  2. Summer time in Foyil, Ok is about these things:
    Light from the bug zapper
    Its not the heat its the humidity!
    Damn it Ray you’re gonna burn my field up trying to burn out that stump!
    Lets see…If I drink at least two more beers those mosquito’s might not bite me any more…or is it that I just won’t care.
    WEEEEWHOOO Hillbillies comin’ of th’ hill TA night!
    Well we ain’t much on toast but we do tap bottles!

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