Mwah Mwah

Those freckles…

just sun kisses, they said

but this one,

– I think –

the air kiss of death

18 thoughts on “Mwah Mwah

    • No, not personal 2zpoint but have a friend who was approached by a stranger in the gym to tell her that they thought something on the back of her leg was a melanoma and should be checked. And they were right. Lucky. Have to be ever-vigilant in this sunburnt country!

  1. Fantastic poem! Gotta watch those moles and freckles – my Dad has had 3 melanomas and about 30 surface skin cancers. They cut the worst one out when I was about 3 and they said if he’d waited one more week to have the mole checked he would have been dead. Dad told us the scar was from a shark bite – haha. I love the picture you have used – is that by you?

    • Thanks Gabrielle 🙂

      ha, ha hilarious that your Dad said it was a shark bite 🙂 – mine said he got shot in the war! (He would have been about 13 at the end of WWII 🙂 but when we were kids we believed him) Glad your Dad survived the beastly things. Have to be so vigilant regardless of your skin type. I saw a news report last week about a new infra-red scanner they are trialling in the UK which will help determine how deep and wide under the skin the skin cancers have spread, which will make for less invasive and disfiguring surgery. Great news.

      And no, I can’t take credit for the pic – it’s from stock.xchng photo site.


  2. Kiss of death, indeed. I do try to keep out of the sun. Which is why I tend to look so washed out… 😉
    but the alternative is not to be savoured.!! A great way of getting the danger across.. xPenx
    Nice to meet you, love your poetry and your site. Enjoyed my visit.

    • Thanks so much for stopping by, penpusherpen. I too, tend to spend most of the time looking washed out for this reason, or the other extreme (like a lobster), when I forget the blockout. 🙂

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