No longer 3

You and me,

we’re no longer three,

am I cracked and fading, a sepia-coloured memory?

oceans divide us,

and the years…

but your mettle

burns vivid as the desert ochre,

and your voice

beats ancient through my heart

20 thoughts on “No longer 3

  1. I don’t know about you…but as for me, I play like a kid every chance I get! It makes me feel better. Being an adult 24-7 sucks! Kids have it right…they don’t need grand introductions at the play ground it’s just “Hi what’s your name?…My name is…Let’s play!”
    No paranoia or badness just fun for a short while. Luckily I can do this in my own home with someone more my own age…my five year old son and if I am not feeling quite that energetic my eleven year old girl sometimes does not mind my intrusions into her space(for now).
    So…Don’t make that doll sit and watch you go by…take it down and play!(just don’t let the neighbors catch you…they’ll have you committed!) 🙂

    • Ha ha – I kept all my dolls for years in a chest as I couldn’t bear to throw them out but eventually had a bit of a ruthless cleanout – still have one or two though…It’s great that your children inspire you to keep in touch with your inner child, 2zpoint (even if it does lead to a few injuries :-))

  2. Wow- ‘mettle’ and ‘desert ochre’- not your run-of-the-mill images; makes me feel the intensity in the poem. Relationships leave their mark on us, even if the contact fades over the years.
    This definitely left me with a lingering feeling. Powerful stuff.

    • Hi Zoë

      Thanks for the valued feedback on your emotional response to this poem. As you say, relationships leave indelible marks and the greate differences in the imagery that we spontaneously equate with each can be quite revealing.


    • Hi 2zpoint

      Thanks very much for the good wishes and comments. I have enjoyed your blog, too this year and admire your spirit and sense of humour in the face of adversity. I hope you and your family have a joyful Thanksgiving – we don’t celebrate it down here in the Antipodes, but are nevertheless celebrating the advent of summer and the approach of the silly season. 🙂 bb.

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