Eternal mysteries

With the ring back on your finger

you sighed and slipped away

but forever it’s a mystery

where you went that day

Did you see them watching you

and whispering in your ear?

When you took your final journey,

did you know that they were there?

Did you sense that we were not?

No-one can ever know,

yet child-like we still ask ourselves –

that day, where did you go?

24 thoughts on “Eternal mysteries

  1. I have seen someone just before they slipped away once, and another person shortly after. Both were elderly and it was their time. It was strange being in the same room (hospital in both cases)as these people who were taking their final journey. I felt like I wasn’t worthy to be there, like something very great was happening. It was humbling. Both people were at peace with where they were going. Maybe that added to the feeling that something big was happening.
    Something we all think about quietly- your poem expressed the mystery beautifully.

  2. slipped out for some ice cream…’cause everybody knows “i scream …you scream …we all scream for ice cream!”
    But he new you’d be fumin’ when you didn’t get yours!
    Here’s a song to hit a little closer to home.

  3. A beautiful and poignant poem which leaves me questioning about the after-life, wondering about life before we came to earth…and what life is all about anyways.

    That’s the sign of a good poem, my friend, when you can leave your reader wondering and carrying your thoughts with them throughout the day.

    I wrote a poem called “Now He’s Dancing” which might offer some answers 😀 Would love you to read it if you get the chance…

    Cheers, Chloe xx

    • Thank, Chloe 🙂 And thanks for sharing your lovely poem “Now He’s Dancing” – in times of adversity, sadness and crippling old age it is indeed these good memories that keep us going

    • Hello khm – thanks very much for stopping by and commenting. The poem is really about the day my Dad died – when he became ill, he got very thin and his wedding ring kept on slipping off his finger. So my Mum had it resized which took a whille and when she finally got it back, he was already unconscious and died not long after she put it back on his finger.

      • Glad you explained bluebee – I read it as someone having maybe come out of surgery (as they take all the jewellery off you) and then putting the ring back on. Sorry about your Dad – my Mum passed recently and it brings up so many emotions – can’t really write about it just yet – one day. Thanks for sharing.

        • Hi Gabrielle – thank you for this. I saw that your Mum died this year and that she was obviously greatly loved by your family. My Dad actually died more than 8 years ago and I am only able to write about everything surrounding that time now, so I understand fully.

  4. So many mysteries about this poem. To sigh and slip away — by choice, in death, with regret, to another life, leaving loved ones behind? I want some answers, Bluebee!! Love re-reading your poems.

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