Dark Matters


a dark planet

stuck in the orbit of expectation

something will save her

from the debris littering the path she chose

An undesire to reflect

on why the universe

will never realise her wishes


He, a cold supernova,

burnt out,

no longer lights her way,

too busy planning his black-hole oblivion

10 thoughts on “Dark Matters

  1. This is wonderful…the juxtaposition of sexes…and the title is perfect!

    Lady Nyo….never thought about using the Universe in such a way, but it really works!!

  2. The personification of a planet and a star works really nicely, making the poem about large scale issues as well as personal ones. I like the way you describe the expecting one and the one who disappoints. They appear quite separate from one another, failing to communicate or cooperate with one another for a more hopeful resolution.

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