Sky Wars

Storm ions mass,

stir up old injuries,

swelling cats’ paws,

silencing cockatoos mid-screech.

In the particle zoo,

darker the light

settles stillness unsettling

like a spine tingle…


an electric spear is thrown,

punctures the tension.

Fat clouds, slow on the uptake,

grumble to rain

to wash it away.


17 thoughts on “Sky Wars

      • I was actually only thinking about the storms I’ve experienced in Western Canada. I remember sitting up on a hill one night watching the sheet lightning show. It went on for quite a while lighting up the sky. Beautiful.
        Have seen lots of “electric spear” lightning here too- and the next morning seeing the remains of trees they had hit.

    • Thanks, Cin. No, I am in Sydney, but was brought up in Durban and lived in JHB for 12 years so know that you’ll be having the same kind of storms around about now. I just love them 🙂

    • Thanks, Elaine. We’ve had quite a few in the past few weeks and a really spectacular one last night – I saw a lightning bolt hit the ground in our garden 🙂

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