She wanders not lonely as a cloud

but angry as a dust devil,

with judgement cloaked in blaming shroud

slowburn of anger, febrile.


What fate befell that sweet, sharp mind

now plagued with thoughts of violence

to spawn sensibilities so unsound

and increasingly mere silence?


What confounding ills did rear

this sullen, raging presence?

A once bright light, no longer here,

her love, an evanescence.


27 thoughts on “Disconnect

  1. Riveting, haunting images, all the more frightening for their familiarity. With love and luck, this, too, shall pass (and more quickly without all the commas).

  2. Bluebee! I love this “dust devil”….I see a whirling dervish…!

    This poem is so good, so well crafted…and not too long. So many of us make that error I believe, where the total effect of our poetry, our sharp and defining words are lost when we make the poem too long. It is hard enough to capture the attention of readers, yet we threaten this with poetry that taxes the attention span of modern readers.

    I really enjoyed the sharp sided form of this poem.


    Lady Nyo

  3. Sorry…but this sounds like how I have been feeling recently!! Such a great poem, with awesome words and such strong imagery.

    May I just say that it’s okay to feel this angry…so long as it’s contained and we find a harmless way to vent it (like hitting a punchbag/pillow or something). I also believe that there’s a ‘righteous’ anger…it’s one of the things that makes us human and allows us to get out of difficult situations xx

    • Thanks for your comments and insights on this one, Chloe. And yes, I agree with you that anger has its place in our lives as long as it does not rule us and make us impossible to get along with.

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