But what about this man

who risked his life

to save the drowning?

Who will save him

from the haunting

of those he couldn’t?


25 thoughts on “Fallout

    • Hi Gabrielle – I do some offline captioning work for news and the interview with rescuer Warren McErlean about the Rice family conveyed how terribly traumatic it is for the people who are involved in the rescues and attempted rescues. An awful time for many.

    • The floods in Qld have brought out the best and the worst of human nature, Monica, as these disasters always do – the rescuers work tirelessly while the looters take advantage of the helpless.

  1. Such strong words expressing inner turmoil. We cannot live our life carrying such a burden…we just have to rejoice in the good that comes out of such terrible events…if indeed,there is any to see at the moment xx

    • Hi Artwebshow – I agree they definitely don’t deserve to be haunted and I’m not implying that they should or do all feel this way in any way. However, this particular man was interviewed on national television and he is very clearly haunted by the screams of a young boy who pleaded with him to save his mother and it was just a physical impossibility for him to do so. He is not alone in the way he feels – there are many others who are very distressed about people and animals that they could not save in these floods. bb.

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    • Hello, 2zpoint. Thank you very much for this invite. I don’t have Facebook membership and to be honest, am very anti-Facebook (for reasons I won’t go into here), so I hope you can understand that I would rather not have any links on the site. Cheers, bb.

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