Death, a bistable illusion?

The end of consciousness,

complete annihilation?

Or…a liberation?

Consciousness unburdened by flesh,

pure truth and total revelation?


22 thoughts on “Relativity

  1. The dilemma set before us, bb, well put.
    I want to believe in the second description, and… should it not be so, then I for one, will not know… xPenx
    (you look around and see wonders that truly amaze the mind, make you believe in the here-after, for surely this cannot be it…)

  2. Nicely put. The age old questions. For this magnificent being we inhabit there is no death, only recycling. The fear of the death of the ego fires religions and philosophies.

    • Thanks, Jan. And your idea of recycling is quite fascinating in itself. Are our deceased wholes dispersed into the birth of other multiple wholes, up or down the food chain, or outside of it? Makes me look at the plants in the garden in a whole new light! 😀

  3. Fantastic!! I love this word “bistable” and the allusion to physics, where I gather matter can be there and not there, at the same time. Your poems are bistable — too good to be true!

  4. I want to think, he’s a tall bloke with a scythe. But when I came close it had no face: it was just yawning nothing. We are, however, drawn towards him, or it, like a relentless tractor beam. I pray it’s him not it.

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