Dichotomy Mastery

In you I see a previous me

for whom the world is brilliantly

rendered sharp in black and white,

no mitigation, just wrong and right,

constrasts clear, no shades of grey,

no dawn nor dusk, only night and day.

But life will prove that it’s not so

and force you, like me, to let it go.


26 thoughts on “Dichotomy Mastery

  1. This is really good.
    Life indeed is rarely just black and white.
    Personally the variety of colours for me is a good thing.
    It means we have many different options and road that can be taken

    • Thanks, Artswebshow – I agree with you about the variety of colours – for some, they are there from a young age, but for others, it takes some hammering by life before they become visible 😀

  2. nice, bluebee. we see reflections of ourselves in everyone we meet, don’t we? sometimes we like what we see, sometimes we don’t. thanks for all your recent comments. I’ve been meaning to get over here and thank you for some time. keep writing. I’ll do the same.

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