Travelling Dogs

On the 600km journey –


she looks at flowers and clouds,

he computes mileage per litre,

she ponders the secrets of cows,

he remarks that it might storm later…


She sees the wire-pig mailbox,

he spies a snake on the road,

he surveys flood-plain paddocks,

she wonders if cows talk in code…


He thinks perhaps ‘Box of Frogs’,

she’d prefer peace for a while,

both laugh at the travelling dogs,

their windblown ears and their smiles.


21 thoughts on “Travelling Dogs

    • Ha, ha – it sure is a long journey, Richard – that’s Australia for you – the variety of travelling dogs (and mailboxes!) we encounter is always a great source of entertainment and helps pass the time on those long rural stretches. bb

    • Great to see you back, Zoë :-D. And, yes, I have always absolutely subscribed to Gary Larson’s view of cows and, in fact, had the cartoon at the link that you sent me pinned to my study wall many, many moons ago, along with the sequence of the cow ringing the farmer’s doorbell :-D.

  1. Beautiful rhythm and flow to this, Bluebee. It is like that. My recent journey was only about thousand miles, but there much I can connect with my own fairly fresh experience because of that. There is this need for 2 people to be both apart and together in the confines of an automobile, probably especially when they are very close.

    I don’t think of it so much as the man/woman difference, though you highlight that nicely. After all, only one person can drive at a time, and the needs of the driver will be different from the needs of the passenger. “Wow, look at that great view!” is a great thing to feel and say, but if you’re the driver and it doesn’t happen to be in the direction you’re driving, it’s like, “Great, but I have to drive, here!”

    Though the going was at times somewhat dangerous, and unexpectedly l-o-n-g, in the end we both agreed that it was actually also fun.

    • Thank you, Elaine. I agree with you that it’s not necessarily a man/woman difference but moreso the different points of view of each participant (including the dog’s a la Mark William Jackson 😀 ) in the journey and that these differences are what make the journey so utterly enjoyable.

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