Microcosmic Stupors

“Charlie Sheen files lawsuit”

Who gives a rat’s?!

“I’m desperate to get on the field”, says Benjii Marshall.

Oh, who cares?

“Hawkins hot engagement…”

Blah, blah fishpaste

“Triple M woos Matthew Johns”

Ho hum

“Brendan Fevola…..”


“O’Farrell promises to dump home buyer’s tax”


“The main island of Japan moved 2.4 meters in yesterday’s quake”

?? !

“Quake shifted earth on its axis by 10cm”



20 thoughts on “Microcosmic Stupors

  1. That about sums it up – love this 🙂 ‘fishpaste’ – hahaha. But not laughing about this whole disaster – mindblowing with the media footage as well and the nuclear aspect is just horrifying.

    • As you say, mindblowing, Gabrielle. And how do the people of Japan rebuild, now they know that something of that magnitude can happen again at any time? It’s such a terrible situation. (The “blah, blah, fishpaste” expression is one my paternal grandmother used frequently but I don’t know its origins).

    • So many conflicting reports, Don, of the threat to Canada and the US, as well as to Tokyo. Have just seen this quote on a local news site, which apparently comes from the Financial Times – “The Italian Embassy in Tokyo carried out a radiation level reading from the Embassy roof on March 16. The radiation levels typically recorded in Rome are three times higher that recorded in Tokyo on Wednesday.” Considering the source, I’m not sure whether this is true or someone trying to prevent the share market from crashing. It’s hard to get some critical perspective on things right now.

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