Black Swan Event

On guard for meteorite and alien

But not for this Black Swan within

Can’t trust the earth beneath our feet

Broken Japan, with you, we weep



26 thoughts on “Black Swan Event

  1. BB: you expressed my heart in such a brief, poignant poem!

    Excellent, and goes beyond the obvious. Thank you. I am so distressed about Japan and the world fallout right now. As are everyone who have a conscience and heart.

    “Can’t trust the earth beneath our feet”. Exactly, but my anger is this: an island nation with 55 nuclear reactors? What crap are we all fed about the safety of nuclear power? In a nation that is the MOST earthquake aware and prepared….we can’t be prepared for THIS.

    Wind, solar, etc…sounds a lot better and safer. This is a world issue, not just Japan, but as you know, my heart is deep within the Japanese culture.

    Bless you for your succinct and beautiful poetry!

    Lady Nyo

    • Hello Lady Nyo – have been thinking of you and your love of Japan at this time. I was unaware that the country had so many nuclear reactors – it is also inconceivable to me that they would build them in such seismically unstable areas. I think that there will be an about-face now for those countries who have been considering nuclear power as a viable source of energy. It certainly isn’t clean, is it? I am so sad for the people of Japan and the unimaginable suffering they are experiencing. Thanks for your comments. bb

  2. This horrible natural occurrence has generated so much literary comment, including my own. I live in a place where this could (and apparently will) take place. It is only a matter of time, yet when you love your homeland the notion of leaving seems unthinkable…much as the consequences of this reality. Your words express what is in our hearts so well. May Japan rise to live again.

    • I fully empathise with your sentiments that when you love the place you live, the notion of leaving does seem unthinkable (I have done it). With the risks that you’ve described for your homeland, one can only hope that if it ever eventuates, that the warnings come in time. Thanks for your words and insights, Don. bb

  3. Beautiful tribute to such a tragic occurrence…
    Very moving indeed…
    I hope our tears and prayers bring solace to all those touched by this incident..

  4. Very moving 🙂 I do think these events were not totally unexpected however, especially the nuclear situation (and it was just a matte of time before the earthquake and tsuanmi happened). We do weep for the Japanese and everyone else affected.

    • I fully agree with you about the anticipation of the these events, Gabrielle. At the most basic level, seismically unstable countries and nuclear power do not mix. And on this front, the world simply can’t afford the mistakes that are required for us to to learn from these mistakes. bb

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