Angel of The Gap

He looks out at the sparkling sea

and drinks his morning cup of tea

But there’s a shadow to his left,

the darkness of a soul distressed

He knows now he must move with haste

to stop a life from going to waste

“This time, this one, perhaps,” he thinks,

“maybe, I ‘ll pull back from the brink”

The Angel of  The Gap, at dawn,

heads out once more across his lawn

to offer balm, a light to see

a way out from their misery,

to coax them not to end it all

and save them from that fatal fall.


25 thoughts on “Angel of The Gap

  1. I’d like to believe in Angels, to believe that someone, some being is looking out for you, and your poem brings that belief one step nearer… Maybe we’re all Angels in the making? We just need to look out for others…
    Lovely poem bb, ‘feels’ just right. xPenx

  2. I love this poem with its timeless and ethereal quality even though he is a real person and what an amazing man – many would just leave the person to there own devices; and it is very telling that many later thanked him with letters and gifts (they didn’t really want to die, just the pain to end).

    • He is a real inspiration, Gabrielle. What I find so admirable is his incredible courage in approaching these distressed people and having the conviction that the simple acts of talking and listening could make a difference at that critical point – and knowing all the while that he may (as he has) witness something unspeakable. Your comments about not really wanting to die highlight a fundamental reason why it’s so important for people to know exactly where to get help when they need it. bb

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  4. Good heavens – yes, an angel. But what a burden, when most of us would prefer to drink our tea and watch the water. Mr. Ritchie is always on guard for shadows. I’m sure he dreams about the ones he has lost.

    • I am sure he does dream about them, Monica – perhaps the fact that his and his wife’s simple acts of kindness have had profoundly positive consequences for many help to reduce that burden.

  5. I was going to comment on this poem when you first posted it and got distracted…I too thought it was fictional. That’s such a wonderful, selfless service to perform. God bless that man and thank you for commemorating his service with your beautiful imagery.

  6. I hope some of his neighbours join him in watching out for people. A good reminder to us all to be watching out for those around us and offering a cup of tea and conversation to those for whom it may mean the world.

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