Arachnida Activitas

I feel the bounce before the break

I’m entwined…

so strong –

is he trying to trap me in his crucifixed


as I go to water the Tibouchina?

On the back porch, an unknown abseiler

at the penumbra

of sunlight reveries –

Miss Muffet redux,

So, I clean

and re-arrange

the garden furniture, that canvas

of redback cubism

I don’t care much for


23 thoughts on “Arachnida Activitas

  1. I have always had a fear of spiders, but it is not quite as bad as it used to be. It is mostly the jumping ones, the hunters who don’t build webs, that scare me. Actually, no, cancel that it is any and all spiders that give me the creeps.

    • Hi Adee – Although I like spiders and find them quite fascinating, I can fully understand the fear. (my husband always gets me to take the huntsman spiders outside if they come in the house 🙂 They are pretty harmless and eat pesky bugs but, of course, some can do real harm, so it’s good to be wary. Some of the jumping ones give nasty bites. Bb

  2. The perfect ode to a spider. Wait, isn’t it the wrong season for you to be cleaning patio furniture? There’s a very large colorful spider hanging from a huge web outside the door here – have to remember to go the other way.

    • Hello Monica 😀 – what colours is he? Although autumn’s definitely on its way here, the days are still warmish and we’re still out there BBQing some evenings. And yes, remembering where the spiders are is a problem. Because I don’t spend much time in the front garden, the large web of the St Andrews Cross gets me every time (more blueberries are needed :-))

    • ha, ha – thanks, Gabrielle – pesky messy critters, those redbacks (not to mention their bites). You’d get some pretty strong webs up your way – what about that Goliath monster? Eeek!

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