If you were first to look her in the eye,
would you plunge that dagger through her heart?

This image may not be copied, downloaded or reproduced in any form.


12 thoughts on “Whalewatchingyou

  1. Wonderful stuff. That must have been some experience being tapped on the shoulder by the mother. I love your poem – just a suggestions but maybe you could substitute ‘her’ for ‘it’ to make it even more personal. The only whaling humans should be doing is whale watching.

    • That’s an excellent suggestion, Gabrielle – will implement. (my adherence to Style Guides’ suggestions to avoid gender bias in my professional work is interfering with my creative writing) 🙂 – I wonder what Bryant’s heart rate was after that tap 😀

  2. Love your photo!;)
    Then the link… look her in the eye!
    These Blue Whales… incredible
    I Thank you for this post, Blue Bee
    The photos and article in the Times, amazing
    Peace to you,and yours

    • Thank you, Laz – it was taken by my maternal grandfather more than 40 years ago – he was appalled by whaling and, as an avid amateur photographer, spent many hours photographing the activities at the Durban Whaling Station (South Africa). Although confronting, this is one of his shots that is less so./
      Glad you enjoyed the link photo and article – Bryant Austin’s photographs are incredible – I would love to see his exhibition.

  3. Wow what a powerful photograph and question. The photo and accompanying article gave me cold chills. I hate zoos because for much the same reason. I can’t look at the animals without feeling their pain at being trapped.

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