No Worries

The esky’s packed with ice and toots,

we’ve phoned for fish ‘n chips,

dressed down in thongs and ugg boots,

for the nuptials of His Nibs


Our PM, a Republican daggy,

an atheist, and unmarried to boot,

will schmooze at Westminster Abbey

with First Bloke, toasting our roots

The Chaser’s been given the flick,

Beeb and not-amused Charlie to blame,

Instead, Antipodean kicks

will come from that dodgy old Dame


Yes, for today, we’ll forgo real news,

indulge in some frivolous folly,

chuck a sickie from workaday blues

and quaff a few bottles of Bolly


8 thoughts on “No Worries

  1. Hahahaha – a cracker of a poem (your on a roll bb). I enjoyed the wedding thorougly and even Andrew (who was making a great deal of fun of the whole thing – and not in a nice way 😉 ) got a bit sucked in when he saw the carriages and those fantastic planes flying overhead. Wish I had been in London.

    • ha, ha – thanks, Gabrielle – London – I reckon they’re still partying over there. Like Andrew, the (uninvited) men at our gathering had a lot of (hatty) comments (they were supposed to be watching UFC elsewhere but for some reason just couldn’t drag themselves away. Funny, that…)

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