ill wind


closed you in at night,

no space to breath, but

we thought we were

safe, years


a sparkling day,

something faceless

on the breeze,


your shadow,

hermetic fate


by a pernicious beast, forever

changing the way

we navigate

the world

8 thoughts on “ill wind

  1. That’s absolutely heartbreaking 😦 Must have been difficult to write. The last line ‘forever changing the way we navigate the world’ is perfect – somethings shock us into a new dimension and we never go back.

    • Thanks for your comments, Gabrielle. The full story of this litany of horrors and the consequences for their life is another’s to tell (and I doubt that they ever will) but that so many terrible things happened to one family, and that others of us are completely bypassed by such fates is an indelible disturbance, so writing is catharsis

    • Thank you for your comments here, Adeeyoyo – it’s a difficult and taboo subject, but for some families out there, its consequences are all too real. And, sadly, often the signs are there, but it seems that in many countries there is little families can do to get help from the authorities before a tragedy occurs.

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