we turn away from work,
inhale others’ gardens,
look out at iridescent birds,
shapes cast by the sun

Sometimes, we ignore our chores,
cycle the distant suburbs,
look at how another tenth live,
eat exotic foods on the streets

Sometimes, we forgo the car,
ride the ferries and trains,
look for treasures in labyrinthine shops,
play tourist for a day

Sometimes, we shun the inner life,
chase the little white ball,
look right, look leftΒ  (up at that thieving crow),
rarely straight down the middle

Sometimes, we blow the budget,
wine and dine on the Quay,
watch the passing parade,
the city at play

Sometimes, we forget ourselves,
lie outside in the dark,
look up, and beyond
to the edge of the universe

and close our eyes
in peace

32 thoughts on “Sometimes

  1. Variety is the spice of life and it is good for us to experience the world around us from time to time so that we can truly appreciate what we have, Bb. I love these descriptions of life around us.

  2. We should, bb, we should sometimes be like you so aptly say, maybe the trick to happy living is to be like this all the time? I want to close my eyes in peace. xPenx

  3. Very refreshing poem bb – lovely vignettes of things to do to make life fun (took me a while to work out what the little white balls were – haha – and then I read your tags – I’m obviously not a golfer, but I am pretty good at ignoring my chores!).

  4. Your poetry is just wonderful. Like your other friends, I found a lot of peace in this poem…your words are so refreshing!

    The only thing I disagree with is your line “Sometimes, we ignore our chores” – I ALWAYS ignore my chores – ha ha πŸ˜€

    Have a great day!
    Chloe xx

  5. Hi Bluebee. I just read some of your blogs in a spare moment.
    Some beautiful stuff there. I enjoyed all I read, and very thought provoking too.
    Makes me feel humble!!!


      • By the way, BB, I spent some harrowing weeks in Sydney, and other harrowing weeks in Darwin back towards the end, and the beginning respectively, of my working life. My overall impression was of the enormous friendship I received , and how much support in hard times!

        And what a great country! (Although I love my own)
        Thanks again


        • Hello, John – I’m intrigued – did you visit here as a radio engineer in the British Navy?

          My husband and I emigrated to Australia, and have found it, overall, to be a very positive experience, attributable in no small way to the generosity of its people. One cannot buy the freedom that living here has brought to our lives.


  6. We were without a car when we first emigrated! It was a blessing in disguise actually – I miss our family outings on the train which became routine. Thanks bb, I enjoyed this poem very much!

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