Silent Witness

In hands made
to heal, did the shaking
of a child’s delight become
monstrous crystal ball


as snow settled

into blood
stains seeping
across continents,

and out
through your

Did you
catch the shadows
in a father’s benevolent eyes?

Is that why,


you lie cold
beneath the snow,

silenced by your
own hand?

He could not hide
in plain sight
from you


30 thoughts on “Silent Witness

  1. Haunting words, bb, why does man continue on his inhumanity to man trail? You would have thought by now our natures would change, is Peace such a dirty word? xx

    • Thanks, Monica. It seems to me that this was some sort of symbolic gesture perhaps borne out of extreme rage, to have shot herself with what was reportedly Mladic’s favourite pistol. There are other theories, including that it was murder staged as suicide – I guess we will never know the truth about Ana, but there are more than enough witnesses to Ratko Mladic’s depravities – too horrific to contemplate. I read this quote in the NY Times from the brother of an innocent man murdered in South Africa – “Some people, when they see blood, they cry. Some people, when they see blood, they suck it.” and that is really the sad and terrible truth about human nature.

        • I don’t subscribe to religious faith so cannot comment on that, Monica 🙂 – however, I did read this note recently in Scientific American Mind which, once again, raises that age-old question of ‘free will’ – “Aided by EEGs and brain scans, scientists have discovered that psychopaths possess significant impairments that affect their ability to feel emotions, read other people’s cues and learn from their mistakes”. I assume that your particular area of law is not criminal (law that it 🙂 ) given that you are involved in mediation, but I was just wondering if you ever come across these sorts of arguments in the courts at all? Best. bb xx

  2. Bluebee: this is a powerful and chilling, resonate poem. Chilling.

    And what you said: “Some people, when they see blood….” Well, unfortunately, that was my terrrible experience three years ago. Befriended by a man on the internet who seemed intelligent, creative (another writer) and it turns out that he was a sexual sadist…and the mutiliation of women in his writings were horrific.

    HIS human nature was not.

    Thank you, Bluebee, for this powerful and haunting poem. We have a long way to go from cruel natures.

    Lady Nyo

  3. Given your reply to Monica, Bb, I would not be surprised if ‘truly evil’ people did have a physical abnormality in the brain. Love your poem… very sad…

    • Thanks, Adeeyoyo – the neurophysical basis theory seems to be getting a lot of press lately – saw another article in the NY Times today on the subject of what is termed ‘zero empathy’ and the ‘temporary suspension of empathy’ in otherwise ordinary human beings

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