Migrations In Memoriam

Autumn, we lay lines,
unfurling across alpine waters,
to flycatch a trout’s eye

we are copper lizards
on rocks trailing
the flowered creases
of Crackenback

Autumns and summers,
we zigzag
to the summit,
always a marking of sorts –
birthdays, deaths, waiting out
open-heart surgery –
from afar

A lifetime of seasons
ago – before I left –
you said
the mountain came down
and swallowed lives,
wanted me to know
that bad things happen elsewhere

as if somehow that would make
me see,

Now, it’s winter –
we’re making virgin
in snow
when the eye
of a raven catches
a gelid reminder
of these invisible scars –

the ley lines
that connect this place
to your passing

43 thoughts on “Migrations In Memoriam

  1. Superb! Threads running among threads and connected via your own looking from a distance through memory.(which I suppose is what ley lines is all about – you only see the patterns from a distance – a bit like the Inca Nazca lines as well) – love the ‘lay lines’ and ‘ley lines’ at the beginning and the end.

  2. What I love about the photograph is it could just as easily been here in Canada. We are all connected through lines of similarities and differences. I also appreciated the symmetry/mirroring of the lay-ley lines opening and closing of the poem. Well done! Now feel like composing a poem.

    • Thank you elmediat 🙂 – I like your notion of us all being connected through lines of similarities and differences. I am looking forward to spending time reading your blog – the subject matter is of great interest to me. (and look forward to your poem 😀 )

  3. Strong emotion and connection, make for lasting memories., bb, so much heart and soul in this one. Life, and what it means to live season by season.
    Savoured it. xPenx

    • Thank you, John, for your comment – this place that has particular resonance for me in terms of some of my life’s major events, so the sojourns there are always bittersweet 🙂 bb.

    • Hello Elaine – I agree It certainly is hard to find time to get away from it all – the short breaks do me well these days – recharge the batteries like a good siesta 🙂

  4. Hi bluebee – great piece! I really like the connections with ley lines and especially this paragraph

    Autumns and summers…open-heart surgery – from afar

    And the ending gives it that feeling of temporariness that suits the poem. And your photo is a great match

  5. powerful powerful poem. the theme of time passing in regret while the raven and landscape still surround us with their beauty is a classic theme, and you handle it really really well.

  6. Hi Bluebee,

    Apparently I already Liked and commented on this. A set up for a quite sad end. I still like it. Thank you for your visit and Like on my blog. It was nice to see you among the viewers/Likers today. Happy blog break!

    I hope you won’t mind if I pass you a link re: your lemon/heaven poem, since the comments are closed. Made me recall I had worked a brief piece around the same adage:


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