Surface Tension

Dying –
it’s a little like that back there
“Get a tan, man!” – the beastie boys jeer,
white-raged, she’s facing off fear

Out here, the limits are none
her swirling strands of red-yellow-gold, spun
into halos burning bright as the sun,

jewelled auras for silent incantation,
reposed in peaceful contemplation
of fancies, unbound by vituperation

underwater, she is as fish,
swims human stark antithesis,
becomes her Aphrodite wish


Updated for Sideview’s weekend theme of Beauty

40 thoughts on “Surface Tension

  1. oh to be a mermaid, and dive into the cool green depths. (can’t swim myself) … Tension fades as if nothing compared to the soothing arms of the watery womb that is the sea…enjoyed that immensely bb, xPenx

    • Ah, yes, Pen – very soothing. Growing up on the sub-tropical east coast of Africa, we were taught to swim from a very young age, as is the case here in Australia – I guess the weather creates the need, or not 🙂 xx

  2. They always seem to pick on the redheads! I was right there in the poem with this one – a whole story in a few lines. Good one beeblue 🙂 (just realised I may have been calling you bluebee for a while – sorry if i have)

    • ha,ha , yes, Gabrielle 😉 – we learn to stand up for ourselves from an early age from all that name-calling – probably why we have that fiery-tempered reputation 😀

    • No matter, Gabrielle – I wanted to register my blog as blubee, but that was already taken, so I just swapped it around – and have another version on my gravatar, for some reason (whatever – a bee by any other name…ha,ha)

    • Hello Monica 😀 – yes, it’s a wonderful experience to go beneath the sea and float among the mind-boggling array of bizarre and colourful creatures – such peace.

      Hope you are enjoying your summer over there.

    • Hello John 😀

      Your command of language in your beautiful poetry is a testament to the fact that old age and infirmary have absolutely no grip on you – sometimes we connect to a poem with that ‘aha’ moment and sometimes we don’t – that’s just the nature of it – and both are just as instructive and interesting for the writer, don’t you think? 🙂

      Thanks for your comment

  3. I apologize for re-blogging your poem – I thought that was allowed on wordpress (it’s actually a legitimate feature of this site – if you look at the toolbar above) However I have removed it at your request.

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