What if?

What if
you were gifted
a second life?

Would you,

having sifted
time’s hindsight,

re-map the course
thus far taken,
and without remorse
sail dreams forsaken,

hoist new masts
on life’s oceans blue,
endeavouring to chart
a different you,

to brave life’s wild
and raging seas,
or float with mild
and soothing breeze?

What if
you were given
a second

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32 thoughts on “What if?

  1. I have no idea, bb, if I were granted such a gift, I would ponder hard about my choice, and by the time I’d decided what I wanted to do, .. the time would have passed… πŸ˜‰ Good one … xPenx
    (still pondering!!)

  2. This is a lovely poem. I think I’d probably end up doing most of the same things and making the same mistakes, assuming that I’m the same person.

  3. Lovely poem. Hell would probably be making the same mistakes all over again, with a sinking feeling in your heart that you had done this before. Like a time warp in StarTrek. I opt for a new course, lessons learned and off we go!!

  4. I here you can get one on the computer ‘second life’ πŸ˜‰ Lovely poem and interesting question – I’ll have to ponder and cogitate on that one – most of my big decisions I am happy with but there are a series of smaller things I would love to erase.

    • Thanks, Gabrielle – I’ve heard of ‘Second Life’ and believe you can even buy and sell fictitious real estate on it – quite bizarre, really. I feel pretty much the same as you, but would perhaps try to lessen the impact of those big decisions on others

  5. I really like the sea motif you’ve used as well as your photos. Just glorious. What if? It’s almost an impossible question to answer. I would hope that if I did have another chance that I wouldn’t be so afraid to do the things I really wanted to do. Really, really nice!

    • Thanks, Selma πŸ˜€ Perhaps we are often afraid to do the things we really want to do because we ask too much ‘what if’ of the consequences!

  6. I’m trying to live my second life as the second half of the life I already have. Or rather, am trying to recapture some of the things I let fall by the wayside along the journey. It’s never too late.

    • I absolutely agree, ZoΓ«. I read an article on FranΓ§oise Gilot recently. She is 90, in excellent health befitting someone half her age, and as beautiful and vibrant now as she ever was – and still following her passions. She is a great example of how much living there is to do in the second half of our lives

  7. I am reminded of the comment by Bilbo Baggins, in the Lord of the Rings. The ring gave him extra life, as it did Gollum.
    Neither ended up being very pleased. Bilbo said it made him feel very thin and stretched. And both spent their later lives still being addicted to the ring of power.
    So the prospect doesn’t draw me, BB.
    But interesting ideas and interesting poem.


    • Hello John

      Yes, as good as life is, and can be, the thought of doing it all over again is too exhausting to contemplate, so the prospect doesn’t draw me either πŸ™‚


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