A slice of a Sydney weekend

Breakfast at Via Del Corso?

mmm, not quite breakfast

that’ll do the Man

fruit fit for bees

it’s a beautiful day for a boat show

to play tourist and reflect on the harbour

and the city

do some shopping

don’t forget to buy The Big Issue

(step away from the cupcakes!)

have lunch

spicy chicken laksa

and head off to friends to watch the rugby

22 thoughts on “A slice of a Sydney weekend

  1. I’ve been to Sydney, bb, (ok,I’ll admit, just through your slice of Photo’s ) but it does give one a feeling of being there, so that counts surely? πŸ˜‰ … xPenx

  2. Sounds wonderful (love the photos) πŸ™‚ Sydney is such a beautiful city (I have relatives there – not that I have been for years – last time was for a work conference about15 years ago – haha).

    • Well, Gabrielle, if you ever want to make the trip down south (and avoid the rellies πŸ˜‰ ) give me a shout – you will always be most welcome πŸ˜€

    • Well, you know you won’t get away with coming to Sydney and not going out for at least one wine and food-tasting night out on the town with your Antipodean fellow bloggers, don’t you, Cin?

  3. Great for people with sweet tastes, BB.
    I went to a grill bar near the end of SH Bridge and close to the old sergeants’ quarters building.
    You could have as much salad as you wanted, and they gave you a raw steak, which you took to a nearly white hot grill to cook for yourself. No Health and Safety there!

    • I think you would find it very different now, John – totally over-regulated on that front – and, down that end of town, heliishly expensive. Thanks for your comment πŸ™‚ bb

  4. Being a Sydneysider myself I can honestly say you have captured the essence of the city so well. We are fortunate we have so many beautiful sights in our fair city.

    I love your aerial shots – really cool – and my favourite caption is ‘step away from the cupcakes’ – I need that tattooed on my hand. Haha.

    But my favourite shot (beyond compare) is the glorious Anzac Bridge. I am obsessed with it. I will freely admit it. It really is a work of art to me.

    FAB post!

    • Thanks, Selma – we are very fortunate and I think we love very similar things about this city! πŸ˜€ – laughed at your comment re the cupcakes (I can only eat the gluten-free ones so when I spy them, willpower goes out the window) – would love to see your shots of the ANZAC Bridge and your other perspectives of the city

  5. Great shots ! “Step away from the cupcakes” sounds like a move on “So You Think You Can Dance”. The Canadian variation on the expresseion is “step away from the Timbits”. For a Canadian to step away is a near impossibility. I had to look up spicy chicken laksa – now I want some.

    • Thanks, Elmediat πŸ™‚

      ha, ha – a new dance move – I like it. I don’t remember Timbits from my couple of months working in Vancouver, but I can never forget ‘Death by Chocolate’! Spent (too) many a night there…

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