Diurnal Variation III

Today, being the 1st anniversary of my blog, it seems fitting to post the 3rd in a series on the theme of my very first post: Diurnal Variation.

dark becomes light
as day shifts to night

the brain’s body clock
only ticks after tock

circadian chimes
wrong rhythm in time

as night becomes day
light fades to grey

19 thoughts on “Diurnal Variation III

  1. Congrats bb, and Happy Anniversary too, here’s to many more postings, love this one aswell, daytime to nighttime always a tricky switch over, sometimes the mind plays tricks and things appear not as they are, or mayhap just as you want them to be… depends …always depends.. have a good Sunday …. xPenx

  2. Congratulations. I can relate well to the image and poem. I am in summer mode and the heat is melting my body-clock rhythm. Sleep when you should be awake and wide awake when you should be asleep. At least school is still off in the heated haze.

    • Thanks, Elmediat – enjoyed your image of a melting body-clock rhythm – it describes perfectly the effects of those long hot, humid summers days. Do you have daylights savings in N Ontario?

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