Death Cap

iniquity, depravity
crimes against humanity

conflagration, radiation,
man made this abomination

enormity, deformity,
war’s enduring legacy

experimentation, humiliation
who needs victim’s approbation?

cessation, condemnation?
war has no such aspiration

obliteration, extermination,
our final destination


24 thoughts on “Death Cap

    • Self-damned, I think, Chris.

      I like the concept of your blog: taking photos of everyday objects – your flickr photos are a boon to bloggers, I’m sure.

      Thanks for stopping by.

  1. Such hard hitting and powerful words, bb, It’s always mans inhumanity which makes you shiver in horror, making you wonder how it starts, then gains momentum, almost feeding from itself.

  2. This is very powerful. There’s an anger there and a sadness too. Sometimes I just can’t bear to think of Hiroshima and the horror of it. Today it seems unfathomable that it happened. But it did. Very well written.

    • Thanks, Selma – yes, very much sadness and anger – it’s the personal accounts and stories that always get me about any of these events in history – in this case, to see and hear how traumatised the remaining survivors are still after 66 years.

  3. We don’t seem to have learned to many lessons since that tragic event 😦
    Important poem bluebee – the title is great.
    I love the word conflagration – I had to look it up once in the dictionary, and was surprised that it meant something a little different than what I thought 😉 (for some reason I thought it had something to do with whipping).

    • Thanks, Gabrielle – it certainly does seem that way – history shows (something I find really peculiar) that we humans haven’t seemed to have evolved to learn from the mistakes of others, and learn only (and then only sometimes) once we ‘ve made them ourselves.

      Whipping! ha, ha – something Freudian going on there, perhaps? 😉

    • At the risk of being branded a heretic, dare I say that I’ve never been able to get past Dylan’s voice long enough to listen to his lyrics, but I believe they are inspired, so thanks 🙂

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