Beauty at scale rarely seen
by human eye, but inbetween
lush blades of grass daily spy
a microworld of strange small fry

as this mini-jungle wakes
from dark of night, a lone ant slakes
his thirst from fresh dewdrops bright
reflecting snails in love’s delight

airfields of apian craft at ready
take flight from rouged poppies, heady
with blue jewels sparkling far and wide
on backs of bees on buzzing ride

a mighty dung beetle battles
sticks arresting rolling chattels
from onward journey, this daily testing
to construct his place of resting

inkblot-eyes of springtails watch
(in somersault) nymphs slowly hatch
themselves from deep and watery vault
and caterpillars as they moult

A miniverse that’s quite astounding,
with creatures, strange and weird, abounding


30 thoughts on “Microcosmos

  1. This poem is so beautiful it’s hard to find words, Bb! Miniverse, indeed! Wonderful use of words: airfields of apian craft – how wonderful is that! Well done. Of all your lovely poems, I like this the best… brilliant, stunning!

  2. ’tis a jungle out there,bb, and every time I do a spot of weeding, I see the scurrying insects being chased from their homes by a giant human who bears them no ill will, but how could they know this? πŸ™‚ … Lovely descriptive poem my friend. a mini-universe indeed.. xPenx

    • Thanks so much, Pen – it most certainly is a jungle out there πŸ˜€ ha, ha – I love watching the documentaries about the external jungles but am not so keen on those that are about what lives inside our bodies…

    • Thanks, Gabrielle – I’m with you on the ‘both beautiful and strangely horrifying’ sentiment – most of the footage in ‘Microcosmos’ and ‘Life in the Undergrowth’ has that effect – crawly and creepy πŸ™‚ Those acrobatic little springtails and the resilient old dung-beetle provide the comic relief πŸ˜€

  3. An enjoyable romp through the entemologist’s world. Tha word “miniverse” will remain with me and probably turn up in one of my poems some time (crediting its inventor, of course).
    PS I found you via Tilly Bud’s blog.

    • Hello Viv – thanks and welcome.

      ‘Miniverse’ is a word that I may or may not have coined – I have no idea, so use it as you will (no crediting required).

      I’ve been over to your site and look forward to reading more of your wonderful poetry.

  4. Despite how small the world is you are describing there is a sense of the epic about this wonderful poem. Miniverse is a fantastic way to describe that teeny world that for the most part is indiscernible to us. I really like the image of the nymphs slowly hatching. Perfect!

    • Thank you, Jan – your comment reminds me of something we did when I was primary school (which was a few decades ago πŸ˜‰ ) – Our biology teacher put us into teams and gave us the task of staking out exactly that – 1 metre – each in the school grounds to study as an ecological system over a period of a few weeks – it is one of the (few) lessons that has stayed with me – we also spent a day at the beach studying life in the rockpools – my kind of lesson πŸ˜€

    • Fun childhood memories, Vampireweather πŸ™‚ Thanks – the microfilming technologies that have made documentaries like ‘Microcosmos’ possible have really opened up this astonishing little world

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