Weekly Photo Challenge: Entrance

Creepy - Luna Park, Sydney

Welcoming - Bronte Beach Baths - Sydney


18 thoughts on “Weekly Photo Challenge: Entrance

  1. The first picture reminds me of the clown in ‘The Game’ with Michael Douglas and Sean Penn. Scarey! The 2nd picture looks like two poles doing a mating dance, lol!

    • ha,ha – amusement parks and clowns always give that sense of creepy, dont they, Adee? If I was a child I think the Luna Park entrance would see me running for the hills 🙂

    • Thanks, Gabrielle – Luna Park is even more creepy when it’s lit up at night – makes you wonder whether the designer actually liked children.(Luna Park in MLB is also creepy)

      It’s great that you had that reaction to the Bronte pic – I took it a few years ago, and the fact that someone had just left their thongs there while they went for a swim struck me as typical of the relaxed approach to life here, 😀

  2. I love the Bronte Beach shot. I would hang that on my wall. Do they still have the little kids train there? I haven’t been there for years.

    The Luna Park face is a little unnerving. It creeps you out if you look at it for too long. I think it’s the eyes. But still, a fantastic shot!

    • Thanks, Selma 😀 I’m not sure if the little kids train there still; it’s not a part of Sydney I go to often.

      Yes, you’re right about the eyes on the Luna Park face – hide the mouth and the eyes get creepier – thanks 🙂

  3. Great compositions. putting them together creates an interesting context. For me, the Bronte Beach shot is a bit sinister and ambiguous because it comes after the the Joker face and it is also in B & W . Well done work !

    • Thanks, elmediat. That’s an interesting point you make, about the second shot seeming sinister in the context of the first – I hadn’t seen that (saw each as a kind of antithesis of the other), but now I do – thanks for the insight 🙂

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