20 thoughts on “now, only silence

  1. I haven’t seen ‘Night And Fog’ but I have heard about it. I know it will upset me quite a lot to watch it but I think it’s time I did. I hope such things continue to silence us forever. Because they should. We should never forget.

    • You know, Selma, over the years I have seen many films on the Holocaust, both documentary and fiction, but this film had the most profound effect of them all, because much of the stock footage was taken during the actual transportations and incarcerations (who was behind the camera in those scenes and why is not even something I want to think about). The narration and the music also amplify the horror of what’s on the screen – It is beyond forgetting so it will most certainly upset you on many levels

  2. I had never heard of this film so I clicked your link.

    Your poem didn’t mean much to me until I understood the context. Powerful and moving, and perfectly captured.

    • Thanks, Tilly – context always helps 🙂 This university lecture/screening was the first I’d attended in a long time where everyone was completely quiet the whole way through – there’s always one or two and often more who feel the need to talk the whole way through

  3. short and directly to the point bb, hard to believe mans inhumanity and the utter depths he is able to sink to. How some can say it never happened and is propaganda need their heads looking at, and also need to be forced to watch the actual news reel footage of the time. Sheer horror, not only at what was done, but that it was ever a thought in a humans mind. xPenx

    • That’s for sure, Pen – it’s frightening what the seemingly ordinary person is capable of doing to others in a war situation. Ensuring your own survival is one thing, but deliberate torture, degradation and humliation of others is incomprehensible and completely inexcusable. There are clearly many who would rather die than inflict such terrible crimes on others, which gives hope about the nature of the human.

  4. What gets me is that this film and the events it depicts still have the power to silence the young of today. They are far from immune, thank God, for the effect of those vile events long ago.

    • Thankfully, yes, Kate – in spite of all the flak they get as a generation (which younger generation didn’t?!), and what appears to be a short attention span, I find them mostly to be deep and socially conscious thinkers and I learn much from their insights and humour in tutorial discussions.

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