Don’t tell

I keep it
I keep it
under lock and key

I keep it
I keep it
you know it’s safe with me

your secret’s shared,
the burden’s doubled,
another heart’s forever troubled

I keep them
I keep them
I’m no longer free


22 thoughts on “Don’t tell

  1. Excellent poem – the rhythm is perfect for such a topic (like whispering, in a way).As Julian Assange said recently in the media – the best way to keep a secret is to not have it in the first place 😉

    • Thanks, Selma – it becomes interesting when the other person doesn’t realize that their secret actually prejudices you in some way – but once we hear it, we are bound not to tell – one of those confounding moral dilemmas

    • Thanks, Pen – that’s an awful betrayal of trust you experienced. I don’t have too many secrets of my own (of any consequence anyway) but whichever way you look at them, they are a burden which is probably why people feel the need to share them with someone – and the fact that many can’t keep secrets they are told is probably why the site has been such a success

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