Jane Doe (with apologies to dogs, maggots and vampires everywhere)

Bloggers come and bloggers go
and herein lies one Jane Doe
her tombstone says in Goth Shadow:
‘Just another WordPress blog below’

“Anonymity! Oh, freakin’ no!
I do decree that’s not the go!
For your complacency to grow
my power base, ALL I must know!

No faceless, nameless so-and-sos
will be allowed to stem the flow
your ID to the dogs I’ll throw
while I’m here sucking up the dough!”

Bloggers come and bloggers go
and herein lies one Jane Doe
maggot Zuckerberg, her face-off foe,
has sucked her in from head to toe

Sydney Morning Herald – Click, and Facebook revises privacy

Sydney Morning Herald – Facebook’s power should worry us all

Sydney Morning Heraled – Google launches Facebook rival ‘Google+’

16 thoughts on “Jane Doe (with apologies to dogs, maggots and vampires everywhere)

  1. Bwahahahaha – good one bluebee! I read the linked articles – it just gets worse and worse, and most people are just going to give it away for free. I chucked in facebook (but for all I know they still have all my info and still might be tracking my stuff); but I am in a position where I can do that – what pisses me off is that young people will often feel they have no choice but to have a facebook account (because they’ll be out of the loop with friends). There is so much pressure to have a facebook account – even the police have a fkn fb account (haha – irony – police being monitored by a private company).

    • he,he – my little rant for the week πŸ˜€ What you have said is one of the many problems with it, Gabe. That, and the fact that many are happily carried along with the tide without realizing what’s really going (I can see a few parallels with some other historical nefarious rises to power, but then perhaps I’m just being paranoid ;-)) Of course, there are those who do know what’s happening and just don’t care. What really gets up my nose is the cloak-and-dagger and duplicitous nature of it all, and the repercussions if he is not seriously challenged and gets it all his way

  2. Such an infringement on privacy, bb, but cloak and dagger describes exactly all that goes on… I cringe when I remember (as a virgin on-liner … blush, blush) all the info I used to give away when faced with an empty page on online questions to answer … I was programmed by my job to fill in forms, and only learned through experience to hold fire on answering anything… in the end I just started to answer… yes or no… πŸ˜‰ … or left it blank. Good poetic warning xPenx

    • Hi Pen – yes, we are programmed to trust “authority” and “experts”, but as you have said, experience teaches us otherwise about the online world – and as blogger Gabrilelle Bryden has said before on the subject, young people don’t realise the long-term damage their very public skylark Facebooking activities can do to their reputations, job prospects etc. Thanks for your insight πŸ˜€

  3. I’ve always thought we should be very careful what we put out there on the net. It could come back to bite us where and when we least expect it. Thanks for the articles, Bb. I remember Gabe’s one some time ago too.

    • You’re right, Adee – it’s a minefield. And Zuckerberg’s view, to quote Tim Dick’s article, that “each person can have only one identity online – be it to friends, your boss or the random person you added in the pub” is just plainly moronic.

      Thanks for your comment πŸ™‚

  4. It’s the Thought Police. They’re here. I’ve never had a Facebook account and those articles have put me off for good. Spot on with your commentary Bluebee. Good one!

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