Weekly Photo Challenge: Comfort

Coffee art - Pala Pizza, NYC

I sleep in; you are gone when I wake,
but here in our kitchen,

in the egg in the pan
to be boiled,
the GF bread
already once-toasted,
Vivalto Lungo
in the Nespresso machine (eat your heart out, George),

I find you

It is this that keeps me

these minutiae of love,
all the comfort
I need


33 thoughts on “Weekly Photo Challenge: Comfort

  1. I want a smiley face in my coffee. That is so cute. I really like the sentiment you express here, Bluebee. It is so nice *sigh* Laughing at the Clooney reference!!

    • Ha, ha, Selma – as if George would (eat his heart out) with all that moolah and the uber-amazon for a girlfriend – but nevertheless, would rather have my life than his (am I convincing you?! πŸ™‚ ) Thanks πŸ˜€

    • Thanks, Gabe. That bread sure is a pain to toast πŸ˜‰ Do you get Zehnder bread up your way? I have found it to be the nicest of the commercial GF breads

      • Haven’t heard of Zehnder bread – we get the Patties GF bread from the freezer section of Coles or Woolworths – it is the only one that Michael wil eat (years ago I used to bake a nice New Zealand brand of bread, but they went out of business). You have to heat it up or toast it to make it taste nice (I reckon).

        • I don’t think we get Patties down here. Zehnder make a range of palatable breads (as long as they’re toasted or warmed) including seed, multigrain, olive, sultana and turkish breads and also multi-grain breadrolls – I get them from the freezer section of our local IGA. Frevos cheesebread balls are also good for soups etc. It’s a b#gg$r this GF thing – I would kill for some warm fresh sourdough, boo hoo 😦 A friend gave me a breadmaker for my birthday this month, so I’m going to have a crack at making my own bread with buckwheat flour and almond meal which I usually use to make muffins. It must be hard for you as a mum to cater for Michael with just about everything processed containing gluten – as you know, fresh is the go but not always the most convenient in a busy week 😦

          • Bread machines are great (so easy) and make the house smell wonderfully of fresh, warm bread. I am used to the GF thing now, but it was hard in the beginning (and it is expensive) – he is also dairy free – he just refused all dairy from the age of 3 and it was obviouslyl hurting his stomach, so for the best – as he gets older, he can tolerate some gluten so is starting to have proper sandwiches for lunch – lunch was always the hardest as the GF bread goes hard and he can’t heat it up at school. I am allergic to wheat (according to a skin prick test) but still eat it – haha – just stubborn as a mule, I am πŸ™‚ I would give it up if I had celiacs though.

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