Weekly Photo Challenge: Hidden

Nature hides then reveals its beauty

I took this photo at Myall Lakes last year of what appears to be a cicada that’s just emerged from its nymph shell. Unfortunately, the colour balance of the photo isn’t good even with a bit of doctoring but it gives an idea of the contrast between the packaging and its contents.

Cicada and nymph shell - Myall Lakes, NSW, Australia

And the  poem below is about the duplicitous side of human nature –  (it’s a re-post of one of my earliest on this blog).


How witchlike a creature can I be
when the moth at a swipe digs its claws into me
and the blood in my veins cascades to the ground
and the thoughts in my head make no audible sound.

How witchlike a creature do I feel
when a table for two is a cannibals’ meal
and the eggs in the pantry go rotten inside
and the cow in the meadow eats its own hide.

How witchlike a creature do I seem
when the nightmare you chase is my sacred dream
when the pain in your heart is the pleasure in mine
when the warmth that you drink is a poisonous wine.

Everything is not what it seems
The smile on my face is the end to a means.

Special thanks to Gabrielle Bryden for guest-posting me on her blog this week  😀

41 thoughts on “Weekly Photo Challenge: Hidden

    • Thanks, Pen. As you say, nature is so complex, Pen – much of the beauty in the animal kingdom seems to function to attract predators, something I don’t like to dwell on too much

  1. The photo also illustrates how well nature camouflages. I need to re-read your poem to fully appreciate all the implications… Sometimes I think we humans are so cruel and ‘witchlike’ is an excellent description, Bb!

    • You make a good point about camouflage, Adee. Perhaps the duplicitous side of human nature is just an innate survival mechanism but it’s a rather ugly one when compared to the beauty of the butterfly ;-). Thanks

  2. Wonderful. Darkly entrancing :-)The duplicity of a creature which has an outer shell and needs to shed it: reminds me of the boy turned into a dragon in The Voyage of The Dawn Treader(CS Lewis)..

    • Thanks, Kate – I haven’t read the CS Lewis book but will add it to my list. Was never really a fan of either the fantasy or sci-fi genres unti this year when I was forced to read books like ‘Stardust’ and ‘Mortal Engines’ for my studies and now I’m hooked

  3. Found your link on Gabrielle’s site and am glad that I did. Always nice to discover someone new…to me, that is…that has such talent with the written word and the camera combined. Wonderful write and photo!

  4. Nothing wrong with that photo – I’d like to take more insect photos (such a huge potential for photos and all within easy reach if we look hard enough). Terrific poem – just perfect for Halloween.

    • Thanks, Gabe.

      Is your family doing the trick-or-treat thing tonight? I must go and get a few lollies in case the neighbourhood children turn up (just hope they do otherwise I end up eating them – the lollies, that is ;-))

    • Thank you, John. But naive your poetry is certainly not. I thoroughly enjoy seeing the world through your considerably experienced and poetic perspective and can only learn from your insights.

  5. As a lad I loved finding and catching cicadas, comparing the live insect with their shells, and just marveling at the beauty of nature. Your picture is awesome and goes well with your excellent poem. Witchlike or not, your poem put a spell on me. Thank you.

    • I understand your fascination with these amazing insects, Dan. They are so beautiful and come in such a variety of colours.

      Thank you for visiting and taking the time to post this lovely comment 🙂

    • It can get pretty loud, Jake when they all making a noise in the bush together and you’re in the thick of it! 🙂 There’s some places in Sydney bushland where the sound can become truly unbearable in summer

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