Intersubjective Seas

a swell from nowhere

the rope between
taut, you
pull tighter

a piece of me breaks

off, floats
toward the abyss

I let go,

my whispered farewell

in the silence
of who we


28 thoughts on “Intersubjective Seas

  1. Stunning poem bluebee! Love the image of the already taut rope being pulled harder; and the ‘whispered farewell
    drowned’ – is very effective. Awesome photo too – you have inspired me to get my son’s waterproof camera out and try something similar.

  2. so many waves to drown out the whisper, bb, as pieces of us float away, perhaps never to be seen again… lovely imagery, and ‘who we were’ pulls just like the taut rope.. , Fare thee well, for now my friend. xPenx

    • Me too, Kate, but as you say, sometimes we have to. A natural but unfortunate product of being shaped in different ways by our experiences, I suppose. Thanks πŸ™‚

  3. There is so many of your postings I like. This photograph and poem, blended together, have a sadness, but also a sense of the mystery we are all living toward. This unsettles all of us in the depths of night, of course, but expressing it, and seeing it expressed help, at least sometimes, ameliorate the wondering, awe, hope, and terror that pumps through our veins over and over again.

    • Thank you, Thomas. It’s wonderful to read that the layers of personal meaning and mix of emotions in this poem resonate with you in this way – you have really tapped into the essence of it.

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