44 thoughts on “Weekly Photo Challenge: Windows

    • Thanks, Nancy – the gallery does not allow cameras to be used above ground level, but the “art” wasn’t worth photographing anyway πŸ˜‰ The building is a marvel though, even though it’s incongruous in its surrounds.

    • Thanks, Pen – do you have any owls in your suburb? I just love the sound of them in the otherwise silent night – there’s something reassuring about it (althought not for the mice population, I would imagine :-))

  1. Clever wording, BB. I am still trying to work out what are the little black triangles – unless they are owls with wings spread and I got my perspective very wrong!

    • haha, yes, thanks, Gabe. I would have liked to have taken a shot down from the top floor but it’s not allowed – they’re concerned that people will drop their cameras on people in the foyer apparently.

    • Thanks for stopping by, Jake. I visited your blog and think your images are wonderfully creative. I particularly like what you did with the ‘Hidden’ and ‘Windows’ themes

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