Weekly Photo Challenge: Breakfast

Once a yearon our 9-hour coastal journey south

we stop off for breakfast

at Narooma’s Quarterdeck Marina

home of fabulous retro kitsch

and the breakfasts of intrepid travellers

if a sudden gust blows in
fried-egg antimacassars

24 thoughts on “Weekly Photo Challenge: Breakfast

  1. Fabulous photos. Love the retro stuff (grew up having dinner on a kitchen table just like those ones). I thought about getting my dogs some lifesaving jackets – haha – but decided against it (one of my dogs is scared of the water, would you believe it).

    • Thanks, Gabe. Perhaps your dog is secretly a cat πŸ˜‰

      We had all that retro stuff when I was a kid, too. Those orange kitchen chairs loom large (and daggy) in the memory, as do the Tupperware pepperpots – too funny

  2. Love the retro cafe. It’s so colourful. You couldn’t help but feel jolly being in such a place. The little dog with his lifejacket on is adorable. Your photos are always such a treat!

    • Thanks, Selma – that little dog was quite indignant that his owners had gone off to have breakfast while he was left to keep guard, as it were. There’s always entertainment there in one form or another. Last year, one of my husband’s fried eggs was blown clean off his plate when a sudden violent wind gust blew through those large windows. We couldn’t see where it had disappeared to at first but then I spied it hanging, just like an antimacassar (hence, the comment), over the back of the empty chair at our table. As you can imagine much hilarity ensued but, unfortunately, I didn’t get around to taking a photo before the waitress (exclaiming, “That’s a first!”) whipped it off the chair and dispatched of it.

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