The Bird

The bird
doesn’t mind

the indifference
of passing feet,
tossed flint-eyed scraps,
nest of a broadsheet

The bird
doesn’t mind
cold-hearted weather,
garbage-can dining,
piss-soaked shelter,
one-eyed sleep in the underpass,
the ubiquitous predator

The bird
on the streets

He’s just a bird


Have Fun

Happy Festive Season, Fellow Bloggers

Best wishes for 2012

Hope to see you there, safe and sound


For some delightful Christmas-flavoured posts
and to see the most wonderful collection of  ornamental
take a look at Nancy’s December posts

If you don’t find your comment here…

My virus checker has detected a virus in a number of comments posted in the last few days including those from Bloggers that have been visiting this site for a long time. Not sure how the virus has made it through WordPress.  Anyhow, if you don’t find your comment here, it’s because your comment links are infected with a virus and, thus, I have been forced to delete your comment. I have reported the issue to WordPress.



WordPress have contacted me  with the following response:

“We have contacted AVG about this and it was definitely a false-positive on their end.
Users will need to update following this guide to remove the warning:

So, it seems, it’s a case of an over-zealous virus-checker 😦

Thanks for being on the ball, WordPress 🙂
and apologies to the Bloggers whose comments I deleted 😦

Weekly Photo Challenge: Self-Portrait

They say

we know
who we are
in adulthood –

not brother
not mother  –

a prosaic mosaic,
fragments of a self

but don’t ask me
to complete the picture –

time has lost
more than a few pieces

Weekly Photo Challenge: Celebration

21 years married today –

cause for celebration,

wouldn’t you say?



Because it’s my wedding anniversary today, I’m celebrating my other half by posting some photos he took

on another day of celebration – NYE 2009

Sydney – NYE 2009

Sydney - NYE 2009

Sydney - NYE 2009