Wild Conspiracies

I wrote this in September for Gabrielle Bryden’s National Poetry Week Challenge.

For more animal-flavoured poetry check out Gabrielle Bryden’s Penguin Week series.


I ask scribbly gum moths:
Why this graffiti on trees?
“Mind your own business,
they’re just doodles, if you please”

I ask a plodding snail:
Why the squiggles on the path?
“There ain’t nothing in it –
I just do it for a laugh”

I ask the sly hyena:
Why the tunnels ‘neath the trail?
“Well! Installation art’s
not only for the snail!”

I ask the bower bird:
Why that hoard of shining bling?
“Oh, poppet, it’s no mystery
objets d’art are my thing”

I ask the primping zebra:
What’s with the barcode?
“Poor darling, don’t you know?
Stripes are back in vogue”

But, you know, I don’t believe them –
It’s a vast conspiracy
It’s clear that they are sending
secret messages to me…



39 thoughts on “Wild Conspiracies

    • Thanks, Adee πŸ˜€ Animal secrets πŸ˜‰ The zeb is very comical and his teeth look like a heay smoker’s – maybe he’s been hanging out in the local shebeen, hehe

    • Do you know, Kate, your comment’s made me realise that I haven’t seen a slug in an absolute age, and am not sure whether I’ve ever seen one in Australia (although I’m sure they exist here).They are ubiquitous in the African city where I grew up. Not an endearing insect, particularly when it leaves cryptic messages on your carpet πŸ™‚

  1. When poets let go of their reality and let the child in them pop up with all the cleverness they have in them, magic tends to happen, and this is magic. I’ve been searching for the messages in the natural world all my life, and unfortunately, the animals sing, squawk, roar, grumble, whisp, and on and on, but they have never, never talked to me. Great poem.

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