Weekly Photo Challenge: Waiting

The next
train due to depart
platform 3
goes to

first stop – Gliese 581 g,
then all stations to Kepler-22b

*** And thanks to Jo Bryant for this award ***

When it comes to rules, I’m a bit like you, Jo, but I’ll join you for some pirate tea 😉


37 thoughts on “Weekly Photo Challenge: Waiting

  1. Bwhahahahaha – if only it was that easy – well, lucky it isn’t that easy or we would destroy this world even quicker than we are destroying it now (we’ll just move to Kepler-22b). I really think they could have come up with a better name for our sister planet. Photos are excellent as usual.

    • Thanks, Tilly. Train station, airports, ferry ports always suggest the beginnings of some sort of adventure – the possibilities are endless (although not always what we might expect!)

    • That’s NASA for you, John. As Gabrielle commented, they don’t apply much imagination in the naming of these exoplanets. The departure announcement is mimetic of the station announcements here in Sydney.

  2. Brilliant. Just brilliant. That tunnel could lead anywhere, and even space travellers need somewhere to sit down and park their space luggage.

    Reminds me of the beginning of Westworld.

    • Thanks, Kate. Yes, with 600 light years to go, the space travellers definitely need somewhere to sit down, haha.

      Had to look up Westworld (was never much into the fantasy or sci-fi genres until this year) I see the original was released in 1973 and starred Yul Brunner and according to Wiki a remake is on the cards.

  3. waiting for the station to fill up?
    train stations are wonderful places.
    isolated at times, brimming full at others
    if the walls, the ceiling, the benches – could talk,
    we can hear quite a variety of stories 🙂

  4. Oh, what fun – I can’t wait to get on that train. Also, this is the cleanest station I have ever seen. It must be located in inter-planetary space, where there’s no dirt.

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