Weekly Photo Challenge: Celebration

21 years married today –

cause for celebration,

wouldn’t you say?



Because it’s my wedding anniversary today, I’m celebrating my other half by posting some photos he took

on another day of celebration – NYE 2009

Sydney – NYE 2009

Sydney - NYE 2009

Sydney - NYE 2009


48 thoughts on “Weekly Photo Challenge: Celebration

    • Yes, they are musical symbols – it was a fantastic display – I thought the pyrodesigners really outdid themselves on this NYE. (I’ll pass on the photo compliments to the hub, thanks :))

    • Aren’t those treble clefs amazing, Gabe? The pyrotechs do a fantastic job – fireworks have come a long way since I was a kid, haha.

      Thanks for the wishes πŸ˜€

  1. Yes, cause for celebration– I would say! πŸ™‚ Congratulations, and many happy years to come, Bluebee. Kudos to the other half for the nifty photos of sundry pyrotechnics. Rather unusual looking– I’m guessing it has to do not only with the fireworks themselves, but his skillful hand with the camera.

  2. Fabulous shots. HOLLA!!! Congratulations on such a wonderful achievement – 21 years. Yeehaaa. I will have been married for 21 years too in January. It sounds like a long time but really, it went by in a flash. Loving your photos!

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