If you don’t find your comment here…

My virus checker has detected a virus in a number of comments posted in the last few days including those from Bloggers that have been visiting this site for a long time. Not sure how the virus has made it through WordPress.Β  Anyhow, if you don’t find your comment here, it’s because your comment links are infected with a virus and, thus, I have been forced to delete your comment. I have reported the issue to WordPress.



WordPress have contacted meΒ  with the following response:

“We have contacted AVG about this and it was definitely a false-positive on their end.
Users will need to update following this guide to remove the warning:


So, it seems, it’s a case of an over-zealous virus-checker 😦

Thanks for being on the ball, WordPress πŸ™‚
and apologies to the Bloggers whose comments I deleted 😦


25 thoughts on “If you don’t find your comment here…

    • It sure is, Julie. I usually click on the links of new bloggers visiting my site to see where they’re from and a number of emails from the ‘likes’ notifications had infected links in them. I then checked some of the regular bloggers’ comment links and found two (so far) with infected links.

    • Hi Charles – I have checked yours and they are fine.

      It’s interesting that the specific emails themselves didn’t report a threat, but the threat came up in a number of them (but not others) when I clicked on the link to the blogger’s site in the email, comment or ‘like’ notification on the WP Dashboard.

    • Just to clarify as per the response from WordPress – there wasn’t a genuine infection – the virus-checker just falsely reported that there was. If you are having problems with your comments not showing up, it may just be that they have been erroneously designated as spam by WordPress. I have noticed this happening occasionally on genuine comments but don’t know the cause

  1. This is good news, Bluebee. I’m frustrated by my inability to get to my blog and was worried about viruses. I checked my computer and found none. Something else is going on, though, and I would love to solve it.
    In the meantime, if I can’t get to you, Happy Holidays!! We are in the deep freeze, and I’m dreaming about an Australian summer.

    • Hi Monica – how frustrating that you’re having such problems. The one thing that will prevent you logging in to your blog is if you have changed the ‘Cookie’ access settings in your browser software to ‘Denied’. If this is the case, then you will find that nothing happens once you have entered your WP username and password, and clicked ‘Log In’. Perhaps this is the cause of your problem… Have you tried logging in to your blog from a different computer (at the library, or somewhere like that)? If you are not sure what I’m talking about, you can email me and I will try and help you – just let me know which browser software you are using (i.e. Internet Explorer or Mozilla Firefox).

      Our summer is being a little shy, I have to say – not terribly warm so far πŸ™‚

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