Sultry African nights,

we’d drink Dutch,
play Chinese,
smoke American,
talk Japanese,
(the odd bit of French thrown in)

Brightly hungover days,
we’d work,
with throwback English stoicism

29 thoughts on “Meld

    • A woman after my own heart! It is a fantastic game, Nursemyra. We were addicted and used to play it every Sunday evening with a group of friends in South Africa (and go to work not-too-bright Monday mornings :)) and for a time after we came to live here in Aus, but haven’t played it for nearly a decade now and I don’t even remember how to play…(our set is gathering dust under the stairs :))

  1. I can relate to this so well. We often resort to Glaswegian slang when we are all together. My husband can also speak a bit of Maori and throws that in for good measure. If anyone outside the family heard us talking they would think we were aliens, but somehow we seem to understand one another. An excellent poem!

    • Thanks, Selma – Maori and Glaswegian – what an awesome mix of double-Dutch that must make! Haha, fantastic πŸ˜€ thx for your Christmas wishes. Hope you are well recovered from your fall. xxx

    • Thx, Gabe πŸ˜€ Bubble, bubble, toil and trouble is this brew according to my husband, haha. (he of the manic, diabolical laughter in the aftermath of another wicket – hohum) Thx for your wishes – I hope many good things come your way this coming year. xxxx

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