60 thoughts on “Weekly Photo Challenge: Peaceful

    • Thanks, Gilly – you should try it πŸ™‚ The walking and scenery are the main reasons I enjoy it so much – and am very frustrated not to be able to walk the courses at the moment because of a foot injury – taking a cart is not quite the same

  1. Three blokes go out to play golf on an 18 hole course. At the third tee off, one member has a massive .heart attack and expires on the spot. The other two carry him back to the club house, and the steward is devastated. “Oh Dear” etc. “You must be very tired carrying him all the way back”, he says. They reply
    “Oh no, not too bad. We put him down and picked him up between shots”

    Hope you like this story, BB.

  2. I’d be too busy gaping at the views to play!
    Of course, some of our courses have the added interest of things in the water hazards or in the rough which tend to include human beings on their menus …

  3. I used to live near a golf course when growing up. In those days it was open to the public if one behaved oneself. We youngsters enjoyed the recreative pleasures it allowed. Thanks for sharing these beautiful photos πŸ™‚

  4. What beautiful scenery and thank you so much. My youngest brother and his wife live in New Zealand, where I will probably never get to visit, so seeing some of these sites is nearly like a brief visit.

  5. Awesome photos Bluebee – especially love the Cape Kidnappers (what a name – hahaha) photos. I love the look of golf courses – the smooth, manicured grass and dips of sand – but I don’t play (I used to go on the course with my Dad and uncles sometimes and that was fun – always looked forward to my double sars treat afterwards – haha).

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