Weekly Photo Challenge: Simple

not moneyed lives but

the simple life of a bird

that I most envy

And for something completely different…

head over to Gabrielle Bryden’s Citrus Fiesta for a whole week’s worth of citrusy fizz and fun πŸ˜€


72 thoughts on “Weekly Photo Challenge: Simple

  1. Wonderful and reminds me of how I felt as a little girl when I read ‘Jonathon Livingston Seagull’ – I so wanted to be a seagull, flying ever higher. Thanks for the shout out too πŸ™‚

  2. I’d love to be able to fly….but other aspect of a bird’s life don’t seem so enviable to me. Being chased by cats or having to eat worms for supper….. 😦

  3. Gorgeous photo’s, Bb! Both of them are great!

    I am hoping to get a camera shortly and would like (perhaps… after some practice…) to take part in these challenges. Where do I find them? Thanks so much.

  4. I envy the simple life of birds too. How they live in the moment. How they sit in the trees or on the shore and feel the sun on their wings. And how they can fly. Absolutely beautiful, Bluebee!

  5. Just gorgeous, Bluebee. Whenever I get to the ocean, it’s for such a short time – I always feel like my mind is on the clock. So much better just to be there – flying, feeding, smelling, dipping, being. Becoming part of it. Not for an inlander, I fear.

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